Things To Know About Rat Snake

rat snake

Rat snake is a snake that contrary to its name does not look like a rat. It is a snake which is nonpoisonous and found in varied sizes from medium to large. What you should know about them is that they are harmless to people, refer These snakes are classified into two types, old world, and new world rat snakes. The name rat snakes originate due to its fondness of rats as their food.

How does a rat snake look like?
As mentioned earlier, there are numerous species of them available, and their appearance also varies. They can be multi-colored with blotches or stripes or a mix of both. They have a V-shaped head and thin body with pupils which are round. Species of rat snakes

Black rat snake: It is called a black snake due to its black color. They have white stomach and chin and have spots which are visible when their bellies are full after a good meal. White, red, yellow or orange spots are standard colors that can be seen on these snakes. Younger snakes have bodies which are white or gray.

Yellow rat snakes: These are commonly found in Florida and is a modified version of the black snakes with only change in the color of the body. Their bodies are either yellow or orange. Their backs are usually covered by stripes of brown which reaches till the end.

Gray rat snake: These are considered to be large and found in Canada, they can be 7 feet in length and are gray in color. Though the body is gray, they have gray spots on their stomachs as well as backs. Younger gray rat snakes are colorful but also, they grow into adults it fades away.

Rat snake behavior: Different species behave differently. Some of the black rat snakes are very timid but yet can turn aggressive when they are in trouble. They also emanate a lousy odor when in contact with other animals whereas the corn snakes are known to be meek. But one thing they have in general is that they tend to vibrate their tails to get away from predators. Though this is done to mimic the rattlesnake, it often turns out to be problematic for them as humans consider them as poisonous and try to kill them.

These snakes can be seen during the nights in places where the weather is warm whereas they are seen around the day in other types of weather conditions. They make their homes in cavities of a tree and for food in their shelter. Rat snakes can also be found in fields and feed on the rats. When in water they swim very well and can escape from attackers.

We find many people love keeping rat snakes as pets and the black rat snake is the most popular one. But make sure to get a fair idea regarding their food habits before opting one. Get to the internet to get an idea regarding their food and housing requirements.

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