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Clever Packing Tips For Smart Travelling

The most hectic part of planning a holiday trip to your dream destination is the packing which continues till the last minute before we leave, and still, we manage to miss something. With the weight constraint in air travel, it becomes tough at times managing packing with all necessary stuff picked up. Primarily we have to determine what to carry based on the type of holiday for example camping, trekking, beachside or high-altitude terrain. Accordingly, weather conditions of the location, mode of transportation, type of luggage available, etc.

More than the content itself, properly organizing the stuff really matters. Therefore, we should start with preparing the checklist of what all to carry, when to wear what, what adventurer sport we want to indulge into. As we put in the things, click on the item. Systematic checklist works really well in managing everything in time and avoiding last-minute stress.

Once you are ready with everything you need to collect together at one place, it’s time to pack it smartly. Some of the really nice tips for managing the space efficiently are:

• Packing cubes- segregating similar products together in terms of color or end user, really helps at the time of unpacking and identifying what is kept where. Rolling the clothes instead of folding it really saves on the space in the luggage. Also placing the complete set of matching clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. in one rolls or at one place makes it easy to pull it out smoothly and saves time in terms of deciding upon various combinations of clothes brought otherwise.
• Separate Kits – Keeping all essentials like makeup, toiletries, medicines in separate kits. These kits ensure all the important and expensive range of essential are not damaged.
• Electronic equipment’s and their charging cords – In this new age of technology, where we want to be connected and updated all the time, phones, tablets have become our lifeline. Power banks ensure smooth functioning of your essential gadgets. No vacation can be complete without memorable photos taken throughout. Camera and its add-on accessories like tripod, lenses, battery charger, etc. should be carried.
• Careful with Permissible limits of specific items: Different countries have the list of various items not allowed to be carried. A list of items which require proper documentation to accompany it, and some things like liquids, food items which have prescribed limits beyond which they cannot be carried in your hand or check-in baggage. In case any of the above items are found during X-ray, it may get confiscated and disposed of by the authorities. Apart from the loss, you waste your valuable time in this uncalled-for trouble.
• Using of spill proof bags: Since there is always a risk for certain liquid items like toiletries, cosmetic bottles, certain food items to explode due to air-pressure, it is always wise to keep such stuff in plastic wraps and zip pouches. It avoids them to spoil rest of the things like clothes, footwear, jewelry, etc.

It is always fun traveling light. With these wonderful packing hacks, we can reduce the number of baggage and make it compact and easy to handle. Smart travelers believe in planning, systematically arranging, sensibly and safely traveling and exploring their dreams.